Eminence DV-77 12" Mick Thomson Signature Speaker 16 Ohm

Eminence DV-77 12" Mick Thomson Signature Speaker 16 Ohm

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16-ohm version of the DV-77 Mick Thomson Signature Speaker. Designed by Mike Smith of OMEGA and Mick Thomson of Slipknot, this speaker represents the future of Mick's signature tone. Assembled in the USA by Eminence, the DV-77 leverages a new custom-designed basket, new voice coil design, new spider design, and a carefully chosen UK made Kurt Mueller cone to deliver exceptional tone and reliability.

From the beginning, the focus of this speaker was balance, response, and a very musical tone. Delivering tight punchy lows, thick harmonically complex mid-range & detailed highs without excess fizz. Not a clone or a copy, this speaker was designed in the studio and proven on the stage. With over a year of real-world testing by Mick, the DV-77 Mick Thompson Signature Speaker is the perfect addition to your rig.

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