Warwick Rockboard Flat Instrument Cable BLK (angled/angled)

Warwick Rockboard Flat Instrument Cable BLK (angled/angled)

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The new RockBoard flat lead cables are extra flat and flexible. They feature a slim rectangular body, designed to prevent cable tangle as well as lead breakage. Their super compact plugs were conceived to be as space saving and unobtrusive as possible.

flat instrument cable

length 600 cm / 236.22

super flat connectors

6.3 mm mono audio plugs (angled)

operating temperature -15° C to +70° C / 5° F to 158° F / 5° F to 158° F

Flexible copper conductor 20 x 0.12 mm

signal insulation PE (polyethylene)

flexible twisted copper shielding 34 x 0.12 mm

PVC mantle

capacitance cond./shield < 10 pF/decimeter

conductor resistance < 10 mOhm/decimeter

outer dimensions cable 7 x 3 mm (rectangular)

outer dimensions plugs 12.5 x 7.5 mm

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