K&K Sound Twin Spot

K&K Sound Twin Spot

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The Twin Spot is a two-head piezo transducer that can be used to amplify a wide variety of instruments, including guitars, oud, bouzouki, balaleika, cello, dulcimer, bongos, and whatever else you feel like sticking these things on. Positioning the pickup heads at two spots results in a more balanced sound structure and a broader frequency range. The small heads are only 1/2 inch in diameter, allowing them to be installed unobtrusively and in hard-to-reach areas of an instrument.

  • Pickup head diameter: 1/2"
  • Pickup height: 1/32"
  • Impedance: high ohmic
  • Length of connection cables 1 ft.
  • Jack (External): quarter inch, connected mono, with nylon shell and self-adhesive attachment
  • Jack (Internal): shielded endpin Jack (stereo type, connected mono), no soldering necessary

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