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Orange - AD200B MKIII

With four 6550 output valves pushing 200 Watts of power, the AD200B has a dynamic low-end with a focused mid-range. The rounded gain structure reveals a wide spectrum of vintage and modern tones.

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Orange - Model 125 Reverb Twin

1975 Orange 'Hustler' 50W Reverb Twin amplifier. Orange's answer to the Fender Twin Reverb, it features identical controls, but with a British flavoured power section and speakers. Includes the original Orange branded Celestion creamback ceramic speakers.

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Orange - OR80R

1976 Orange OR80R. Probably the coolest amplifier ever made. One of the rare models with factory reverb. Loaded with two Celestion G12H speakers and two EL34s. Made in England.

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Orange - AD50 Custom Shop

The Orange Custom Shop AD50 is a machine of unrivaled quality. This amp has been hand wired by Orange's top craftspeople and features all point to point wiring as well the highest quality components. Features a footswitchable sustain boost, which bypasses the EQ to give more sustain. It can also can be run in two different modes 50 watts in class AB or it can be run at 30 watts class A.
Includes padded dust cover.

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Orange - AD30 Twin Channel

The AD30 is a 30 watt 2x12" twin channel combo featuring two completely separate signal paths, each with two stages of gain and master volume controls. Both channels can be set clean or coaxed into varying degrees of crunch. Channel One has a slightly mellower character, with a thick, creamy, classic voice. Channel Two produces a tighter bass response and a faster attack with more gain and a more prominent upper midrange. Loaded with two Celestion G12 Vintage 30s and covered in black tolex.
In great condition.

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Orange - PPC412

The PPC412 is the classic full-sized "straight-front" 240 watt 4×12″ 16 Ω cabinet with a signature delivery that has made it a mainstay of touring artists across the globe. Built to last using extremely rugged construction and manufacturing techniques, every PPC412 is made in England from high density, 13 ply 18mm Baltic birch plywood and fitted with steel hardware.
In excellent condition.

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