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- - Harmonica Mic

Unknown harmonica mic. Features passive volume control and XLR output.
Low output.

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Zephyr - Bullet Mic

Vintage Zephyr Bullet mic with hardwire mic cable. Made in Australia.
Unit is low in output and is being sold as is/ornamental.

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RCF - 1612/1 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

The RCF 1612 was designed as a high quality stage and live sound reinforcement mic and has a strong presence boost and a slight low-end rolloff. It sounds very charming for voice work.
Includes connector and cable. XLR jack could do with replacement at some point. Switch is disabled.

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Shure - 55C

Iconic 1939 Shure Brothers "Elvis" Fatboy 55C Unidyne dynamic microphone. Made in the USA.
Cable a little worn.

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Astatic - 10-C Bullet Microphone

Vintage Astatic 10-C Bullet microphone.
Includes Model 7C40 microphone stand.
On/Off contact needs attention.

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Shure - Model 51

Vintage Shure Model 51, omnidirectional microphone featuring high output and a response effective for announcing, narration, vocal music, and combo groups.

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Shure - Model 737a

Late '40s Shure Model 737a. This is a unidirectional high impedance crystal element mic offering a 15 dB reduction in pickup to the sides and back. Made in the USA.

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