SSF Quantum Rainbow 2 - Silver

SSF Quantum Rainbow 2 - Silver

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This new revision of the Quantum Rainbow from Steady State Fate features all of your favourites from the original plus two new noise outputs to expand the palate even further.

Known as one of the best voiced noise sources to date, the Quantum Rainbow is a surplus of true randomness. Unlike digital noise which will only ever be pseudo random at best, analogue noise is the only real source of natural random fluctuations. This is because analogue noise is the actual sound of real electron behaviour, as they break though a semiconductor junction. The QR uses a reverse biased transistor as the source of this amazing phenomenon.

Special attention was paid when voicing the seven colours of noise in order to provide the most pleasing and accurate coloured noise pallet - that only a true analogue noise source can deliver.

Noise is great!


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