Doepfer A-192-2 Dual CV/Gate to Midi/USB Interface

Doepfer A-192-2 Dual CV/Gate to Midi/USB Interface

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Module A-192-2 contains two independent CV/Gate-to-Midi/USB interfaces. For each of the two sub-units these inputs are available:

Gate Input (min. +5V)

CVN Input (defines the Midi note number), 1V/octave standard, range 0...+10V (i.e. 10 octaves)

CVV Input (defines the velocity value assigned to the Midi note message), can be used alternatively for Midi volume (CC#7), range 0...+5V

CVC Input (free assignable to any Midi control change number), range 0...+5V

For both sub-units a common CV Transpose input is available (1V/octave, range 0...+10V). The voltage applied to this input is added internally to CVN before the Midi note number is generated. It can be used e.g. to transpose two sequences simultaneously by one voltage.

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