ELTA Music POLIVOKS mini Synthesizer - Blue

ELTA Music POLIVOKS mini Synthesizer - Blue

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The Polivoks Mini analogue synthesiser is a junior version of the well known Polivoks made by Formanta Radio Factory in the Soviet Union. A simpler and lighter device, the Polivoks Mini has less components, offers the same broad capabilities, and removes possible flaws of the Polivoks full synth, along with integrated USB and MIDI. The Modulator section the Form switch has been replaced by the controller with triangular oscillation in the middle position and sawtooth shape oscillation smoothly falling in the extreme positions.

The controller for the envelope filter input set to zero in the middle position and smoothly increasing its value by turning the knob clockwise while turning the knob counterclockwise increases inverse voltage of the envelope generator. The main synthesiser sections, such as generator, famous Polivoks filter, and multimode envelope generator are essentially the same as the original. In addition, the main generator doesn’t require any thermal stabilisation or adjustment. The overall design of the Polivoks Mini is made in collaboration with Ms. Olympiada Kuzmina, Polivoks full synth concept designer, Vladimir Kuzmin the original creator of the Polivoks (Поливокс), and Arseny Tokarev.

Video: https://youtu.be/t9S_k4FiHVg

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