Meris Ottobit Jr.

Meris Ottobit Jr.

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A Maniacal Little Machine, inspired by vintage gaming consoles. To call it a bitcrusher would be an insult. The triggered stutter and pitch/filter/crush sequencers take you to side scrolling, coin collecting maze worlds. Add in a resonant low pass that competes with the best analog synths and grandpa SID would be proud.

Features: - Variable Sample Rate and Bit Crushing - Vintage Synth inspired Low-Pass Filter - Triggered Stutter Effects - Sequencer module for Pitch, Filter or Decimation pattern sequencing - Tap Tempo for Sequencer and Stutter - Stereo input and output - Switchable input/output headroom level for Guitar, Synthesizer or Line levels - Expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously - Presets available via external 4-Preset switch or MIDI - MIDI in/out over TRS via the EXP jack

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