Make Noise 7U Steel CV Bus Case 208HP

Make Noise 7U Steel CV Bus Case 208HP

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The Make Noise 7U Steel CV Bus Case is a powder coated steel eurorack case. The matte black finish was selected to match the line of Black & Gold modules, and it looks right classy with just about any module installed. This finish will show the story of your modular synth's travels over the years. The CV Bus also has the tools needed for integrating the Make Noise system with the outside world. A 1/4" Mono input with plenty of gain allows for bringing external signals into the system. The optimal 10Vpp signal level is visually indicated. A high quality Stereo Line Driver converts powerful modular synthesiser signal levels to the commonly used Line Level. There is mini-jack inputs for Left and Right, a single Master Volume control, and a TRS Stereo 1/4" output jack. This output is capable of driving long cable out to a PA System or a set of Headphones. It has AC coupling and a built-in limiting circuit (with visual indication) that prevents damage to ears and PA system when the patching gets experimental.

Stand not included.

  • Size: 7U
  • Total HP: 208 @ 3U, 104 @ 1U
  • Outer Dimensions:
  • 56.51cm x 35.56 x 18.41cm w/ lid
  • Max Module Depth: 2.5"
  • Weight: 5.78kgs (w/ powered bus board, CV Bus installed)
  • Power: 1.4 amps @ 12Vdc, 1A @ -12Vdc, 1A @ +5Vdc (w/ powered bus board, CV Bus installed)
  • Connectors: 18
  • Includes: CV Bus, Powered Bus Board, 80 Sliding M2.5 nuts w/ Black screws, AC Adapter

Brand new with warranty.


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