Moffenzeef Modular Deviant

Moffenzeef Modular Deviant

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When triggered, the Deviant outputs a random voltage between the ranges set by Top and Bottom knobs respectively (-5v to 5v). Both Top and Bottom have bipolar CV inputs, allowing the user to modulate the window of voltages. To continue in the Moffenzeef ethos of kraptastik electronics, there is not a sophisticated DAC (digital to analog converter) on the output of the Deviant. Instead, a simple pulse-width modulated lowpass filter is controlled by the “Smooth” knob allowing the user to dial in the amount of noise, and the overall slew of the output. The design relies heavily on the gnarly sound of the PWM (pulse width modulation) carrier frequency emitted from the brain of the module which injects itself into whatever you plug the Deviant into. When plugged into parameters expecting hard edges (a la Specimen on GMO) the Deviant will make the target glitch subtly which adds krispidy krunchidy klix n' pops. If plugged into an audio rate source like a VCO or VCF, the carrier frequency gives the target a mild timbral shift reminiscent of ring mod.

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