Moffenzeef Modular Kriket

Moffenzeef Modular Kriket

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Kriket is a 4 channel blip & beep percussion generator with CV capability over global pitch. Signals plugged into the “bang!” inputs will cause the Kriket to output a square wave that is proportional to the incoming pulse - if the incoming trigger is “high” the note will stay on, if the incoming trigger is “low” the note will turn off. This feature allows the user to dial in blips and beeps of different lengths by varying the pulse width of the trigger. The “Kriket” input is connected to a 4 channel vactrol that controls all 4 of the pitches simultaneously. This input can go all the way up to audio rates and if you ping it with a trigger, it makes the Kriket chirp “PEW PEW!” in a laser like manner.

With short triggers, the Kriket makes little kliks that are reminiscent of a dorky clave. As you lengthen the pulse width the sound begins to resemble a heart rate monitor or the sound you hear out of your microwave when that dank bean burrito just finished radiating. With one trigger distributed to all 4 inputs, it’s possible to get sounds that are reminiscent of a cowbell (…from outer space). Let the swarm kommence.

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