GOLT! RLD Sequencer Partial Kit
GOLT! RLD Sequencer Partial Kit

GOLT! RLD Sequencer Partial Kit

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The GOLT! RED LIGHT DISTRICT (RLD) is an 84HP traditional CV/Gate Sequencer, and easily one of the most impressive DIY sequencers on the market. For full details on capabilities and usage, see the RLD About page over on the GOLT! site.

This partial kit is so called because it includes everything you need to build your own RLD Sequencer, except for the commonly available passives and ICs. It includes a beautiful white aluminium panel, the PCBs, CPUs and all hardware components (jacks, pots, connectors, etc.). For full details on what is included, including full BOM of parts required in addition to this partial kit, see the RLD DIY resource page.

We also stock the Bare Bones kit, which is less expensive, but requires you to source the hardware components (jacks, pots, connectors, etc.) yourself.

Please make sure that you refer to the resource page for the latest BOM, Build Instructions and User Guide before building this kit. Updates to the excellent documentation are common, and have been made since the RLD was first released.

Resources and build info

Video: https://youtu.be/9YpABciG_4s

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