Doepfer A-100LMS9 Low Cost Monster Frame 9U

Doepfer A-100LMS9 Low Cost Monster Frame 9U

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Large cabinet, small price – The Low Cost Monster Case offers three rows with 168 HP each. In total, 504 HP can be filled with modules. The cabinet is made out of wood. Electricity is supplied via two PSU3 switching power supplies and six bus boards. The LMS9 is loaded with two PSU3 switching power supplies, six bus boards each equipped with 14 multi-pin headers. In total, 84 modules can be connected to the Low Cost Monster Case.

One PSU3 switching power supply provides:

  • 2 A at +12 V
  • 4 A at +5 V
  • 1,2 A at -12 V

Brand new with warranty.

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