Cat Full of Ghosts Yowler DIY Kit

Cat Full of Ghosts Yowler DIY Kit

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The Yowler is a versatile small form noise/drone synth, don't let it's size fool you, it is packed with features most small synths in its class don't have:

External trigger + Diode VCA: trigger the Yowler from external gear, use it as a drum synth, built in trigger button and latch + trigger in acts as a simple vca!

4 Oscillators and 2 XOR mixers: lots of grinding, driving sounds, osc 3 and 4 can be turned off and on.

Built in speaker + mono/stereo output: means you can use it with mono gear like guitar pedals or a modular synth, or stereo gear like mixers, headphones etc...

Pitch knobs + light dependent pitch control: get crazy sounds from the three oscillators by shining light on them.

9v Power: can be powered by battery or 9v dc wall wart.

Glitch Pad and Glitch Pins: oscillators can be circuitbent, cross modulated and mutated with external components.

CV Expander: pitch control on all oscillators.

"Low epic throbbing halls, rasping vocal choruses, burning thick churning waves of static. The Yowler is waiting."

Build Document: PDF

Unassembled DIY Kit.


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