VOX Corinthian

VOX Corinthian

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The Corinthian Organ was introduced into the Vox product line in 1969, The Corinthian being little more than a rebadged Vox Jaguar Organ, but named after the bank that was currently holding Vox in receivership. Being a very short-lived transitionary model, the Vox Corinthian is a rare piece of Vox history. Like the Jaguar, it features three octaves of treble tones and one octave of bass tones. A "Bass Chords" rocker switch on the control panel allowed the treble tones to be extended into the lowest octave. Made in Italy.

Fully serviced prior to sale. Includes chrome legs, protective cover and case.

Video: https://youtu.be/QBWttc_SZq4

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