Klinger Omnidrive

Klinger Omnidrive

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The goal of the Omnidrive was to make a pedal that could be used in the studio and live. An Overdrive that was versatile enough that it could be run into any style of amp and have a lot of control of the clipping style and drive characteristics while maintaining personal playing nuances. The Drive side of the circuit is a FET based drive, amp like, smooth and responsive . The clipping section on this side is silky, not overly aggressive but still enough kick to drive an amplifiers front end. It’s the perfect partner to the boost side of the circuit. The Shape knob allows the player to control the resistance in the circuits feedback loop. The boost side of the circuit is a classic JFET boost using a high quality Fairchild transistor.

Brand new with warranty.

Video: https://youtu.be/_cwCg8OwHqo

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