Intellijel 7U Performance Case 84HP

Intellijel 7U Performance Case 84HP

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Eurorack modular case made up of two 84 hp rows (6U) of Eurorack module space and one 84 hp row for Intellijel's 1U modules. Features solid plastic carrying handle, detachable nylon carrying strap, anodised aluminium lid with latches deep enough to close the case with cables patched in, and retractable feet that can support the case at two different angles above flat. Incorporates four Audio I/O jacks for use with their Audio I/O 1U module. MIDI I/O/T for use with their µMIDI 1U module and USB port that connects to the µMIDI 1U and other future modules.

Includes TPS80W power supply. Brand new with warranty.


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