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Tiptop Audio BENT Card by Glitchmachines

Tiptop Audio BENT Card by Glitchmachines

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BENT features 256 sounds harvested from a variety of customized circuit bent instruments. We recorded an exhaustive collection of bent vintage educational toys and toy keyboards that were all hand-built by sound designer Ivo Ivanov over the course of five years. The lo-fi character of this sample pack is perfectly at home in the modular synth domain and compliments its already vastly diverse sonic landscape by injecting it with a highly nuanced and rare set of sounds that can be integrated as percussive effects along with existing modules.

All samples on the card are available for playback at 48k, 64k and 96k for maximum versatility in pitch control while maintaining latencies of as low as 0.25 ms. Only compatible with Tiptop Audio One Digital Audio Flux Module.


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