Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes w/ Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal

Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes w/ Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal

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Wiggy and wild tweakable fuzz with EQ and volume, can achieve subtle, lo-fi goodness to fuzzy filtered frenzies. The Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz incorporates three parallel JFET fuzz circuits, each governed by a voltage-controlled state variable filter with adjustable resonance, alongside a mu-amp input stage. This setup allows for intricate tonal shaping: the Lo, Mid, and Hi controls adjust the output levels of each fuzz circuit, which are then further refined by low-, band-, and high-pass filters, respectively. Additionally, users can modulate the filter frequency by connecting an external control voltage source, such as a foot pedal or a signal from a modular synthesizer, enabling dynamic sound manipulation.

A mini-toggle switch provides three settings for the filter's resonance (Q) level: 1 for "mild" effects, 10 for "spicy" variations that range from pronounced wah tones to sharp, thin sounds, and 100 for "suicide" mode, where the circuit begins to self-oscillate, opening the door to more avant-garde and experimental soundscapes.

Unit comes bundled with a Roland EV-5 for use as an expression pedal.

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