Lichtaerm The Key and The Gate 🇩🇪

Lichtaerm The Key and The Gate 🇩🇪

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Side-Chainable Noise Gate from Lichtaerm featuring relay switch, side mounted jacks for the side-chain, top mounted jacks for the noise gate. An ultimate course in experimental routing.

Description from LIchtaerm: "Connect your guitar directly to the side mounted jacks and follow your usual signal chain from there. The pedal splits your signal internally and uses your unaltered guitar-signal as a reference for it´s gating: no tone sucking, no loss of sustain! As the gate uses your pure guitar-signal, you can leave it always on - it really doesn´t care, if you are on your clean or dirt channel or whatever dirt pedals you put in between the key and the gate!"

See.. We told you.

Handwired in Berlin.

Includes original box.

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