Noise Engineering Opp Ned - Black

Noise Engineering Opp Ned - Black

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Noise Engineering's Opp Ned (8HP) simplifies the creation of arpeggios. It comes equipped with 12 pre-set arpeggio patterns, spanning tetrads, major, pentatonic major, minor third, and pentatonic minor arpeggios. Additionally, its Load/Edit/Save functionality enables effortless customisation of patterns, with factory presets easily restorable via the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

Opp Ned features four outputs that can be individually progressed, along with a reset input for synchronisation and a Transpose input for seamless real-time adjustments. Fine-tune your arpeggios with controls for octave range and direction, a reset/hold button for live performance, and three pattern options. Moreover, all settings are CV-controllable, enhancing the creative potential for dynamic pattern modulation.


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