Kingsley Page V2 Hand-Wired Tube Boost Pedal

Kingsley Page V2 Hand-Wired Tube Boost Pedal

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The Kingsley Page stands out as a meticulously hand-wired tube boost pedal, powered by a high-voltage 12AX7 tube for that unmistakable warmth and clarity. Designed to deliver everything from a pristine clean boost to a gently overdriven tone, this pedal shines in its ability to elevate your amp or another pedal's overdrive capabilities. Moreover, when teamed with an additional boost pedal, the Page effortlessly generates superb overdrive and distortion tones. The latest updates further refine its versatility and sound-shaping abilities, ensuring that whether you're seeking subtle enhancement or aggressive drive, the Kingsley Page V2 has you covered.

Includes original power supply.


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