Hamstead Soundworks MkII Signature Tremolo

Hamstead Soundworks MkII Signature Tremolo

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For their Signature MkII Analogue Tremolo, Hamstead Soundworks take their signature ‘Sinewave’ circuit straight out of the Artist +RT series amplifiers and packages it into a pedal board friendly format. This is coupled with two additional tremolo modes, and the features of Wave Shaping, and expression & speed control pedal support.

The Signature ‘Sinewave’ mode is a true sinusoidal waveform for the cleanest, smoothest and most musical sounding tremolo. Switch to ‘Classic’ mode for a more vintage feel, replicating the familiar tremolo sounds found in vintage amplifiers, and the the MkII exclusive ‘Triangle’ mode is far more natural sounding than the angular name suggests, and is particularly useful when used with the Shape control.

Includes original box.

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