Neuzeit Instruments WarpEx

Neuzeit Instruments WarpEx

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The WarpEx extends the Neuzeit Instruments Warp into a 4-voice polyphonic synthesiser with MIDI, Gate + CV or MPE.
Warp into a 4-voice polyphonic instrument. Great for producing long sustained sounds, chords, progressions, or any other tones with rich textures.

The automatic calibration function of Warp can track voltage ranges from WarpEx when applied with Gate + CV for individual voice control, for example with multi-track sequencer, or it can be used in a hybrid setup for parameters like pitch offsets via control voltage for MIDI notes.

A variety of parameters can be explored through MPE capabilities, even within Warp's factory presets. By transmitting each note via its own MIDI channel, pitch bend sends separately for each key with aftertouch and CC value. These are accessible in Warp's modulation matrix as individual sources, assignable to all destinations. This means that holding down a key can alter the sound by increasing pressure, and the key's touch position further influences the timbre. Where available, key tilt can be utilised for pitch and vibrato control.

The two MIDI to DIN adapters can switch the voice mode between mono, poly, or MPE, which is indicated by an LED on the panel.


  • 4 Inputs Trigger/Gate (0-5 volts)
  • 4 Inputs V/Oct (Ā±8 volts)
  • MIDI In and MIDI Thru
  • One-touch auto voltage calibration
  • Variable pitchbend range, legato on/off and slew rate for aftertouch or tilt
  • Single connector to Warp main module (no extra power cable needed)
  • Included 2 MIDI to DIN adapters (Type-B)


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