Galahcore Razorbeak Preamp Boost

Galahcore Razorbeak Preamp Boost

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The Galahcore Razorbeak is a one knob preamp boost pedal inspired by the Earthquaker Devices Arrows pedal.
It uses NPN transistor technology to boost mids and lower highs without getting too glassy.
Clean tone will sparkle with extra sustain, your lead lines will be crisper and more harmonic, and your low end will be tighter. When cranked it’ll slam your amp, or dirt pedals, with a juggernaut of extra gain, and when rolled back it can cut your signal all the way back to silence if you want.


  • All analogue circuitry
  • True bypass
  • Boost and “anti-boost” functionality
  • Boosts mids and tightens low end to ensure you don’t get lost in the mix
  • Up to 26db of extra volume
  • Lifetime repairs warranty
  • Exclusive artwork by Conrad Keely from And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
  • Very high res and durable UV printed enclosures by King Guitar Pedals, Melbourne
  • Perfect for both guitar and bass
  • As seen on “The Superfunawesomehappytimepedalshow”


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