Caroline Hawaiian Pizza - Sweet & Savoury Fuzz w/ Original Box & Paperwork 🍕🍍🐖

Caroline Hawaiian Pizza - Sweet & Savoury Fuzz w/ Original Box & Paperwork 🍕🍍🐖

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Totally unique and bizarre fuzz that does clean boost, overdrive, fuzz, fuzzstortion and bit-crushing madness all in the one unit. Totally unique to this circuit, the controls for the Hawaiian Pizza are as follows; Pizza Slice for Output, Pineapple for Voltage (for massive wall of sound to fizzy, spitty splatters) & Pig (Ham for meat-lovers) for output (this controls the gain level).

Based on the two-transistor classics from the 1960s, this sweet & savoury fuzz utilises two high-gain silicon 2N5088s for a much higher gain and headroom that is usually available in classic fuzzes. Enclosed in custom casing with seriously awesome Weyland-Yutani Corporation (from Alien lol) silk screen.

If you want this one somewhere else in the signal chain - guess what. You can! There's in built pickup simulator which changes the impedance allowing you to shift this after buffers without any issues!!! Phew!

As all Caroline Electronics, this Hawaiian Pizza is lovingly crafted from tipo 00 flour, rested for half an hour, smothered with passata rosso made form imported San Marzano (DOP) tomatoes, a few dabs of fior di latte cheese, the finest cuts of cured ham & then sacrilegiously finished off with tinned pineapple in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Incredibly divisive pizza topping. Incredibly versatile fuzz.

Includes original box, paperwork & sticker. Velcro on base.


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