Behringer Radar Contact Mic Module

Behringer Radar Contact Mic Module

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The Behringer Radar is a contact and pickup microphone module for eurorack systems.
Beats, ambient noises and otherworldly sound effects can easily be achieved thanks to its contact and pickup microphone plus, the Radar can be easily integrated into most any synth setup.
It features a pickup microphone placed right underneath the surface of the module and simply tapping or scratching the textured surface will convert those into signals that can be patched into any module of your choice to create ambient, echoey sound effects, creepy bangs or any sound you can imagine.
The pickup on the Radar is even sensitive enough to capture any surrounding acoustic waves be it a knock on your modular case, a snare hit from your drummer or even sounds coming out of loudspeakers. Those sounds can then be converted into gate or envelope signals and tweaked with the Gate Sensitivity or Attack and Decay controls respectively.


  • High-quality amplifier with up to 50 dB of gain for a wide range of signal sources
  • 3 indicator LEDs to monitor input clipping, envelope follower level, and gate detector activity
  • Gate detector with 3 sensitivity levels translates taps into gate signals
  • Envelope follower with 3 attack and release times converts tap profile into an envelope CV
  • 4 controls and switches give you real-time access to all important parameters
  • Eurorack specs: 6 HP,10 mA +12 V, 5 mA -12 V


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