AtoVProject Gaeto (Black)

AtoVProject Gaeto (Black)

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Gaeto is a clocked logic module that lets you process triggers, gates and legato in a unique way.

Some of the functions that the module can perform are: * /2 /3 Clock divider * Legato generator * Trigger to gate converter * Rhythm quantizer * Sub octave generator with PWM * Generative trigger sequence 
 The Gaeto’s function is to perform the following operation: “If the signal on the data input has been high, then the output is high at the next clock. If not - the non-output is high.” In other words, if the signal on the input signal goes over 1V then the memory stores a 1 if not it stores a 0. At the next clock the output will be high if a 1 was stored and the non output will be high if a 0 was stored.  The output is coupled with an AND gate that allows for the outputs to either follow the pulse width of the clock or be maintained high until the next clock. This function is also CV controllable for interesting rhythm modulations. This rather obscure function allows for an extremely wide range of uses. This is a module that rewards exploration. Additionally, multiple Gaetos can be chained together using the included cable to create shift register functions.


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