Echo Fix EF-X3 Desktop - Vintage Green

Echo Fix EF-X3 Desktop - Vintage Green

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This super high quality EF-X3 Deskop Chorus Echo is the latest offering in Echo Fix’s line of tape delays. Built in Australia, to the highest quality, the EF-X3 includes many of the most requested features and builds on the momentum and trust gained after 3 years of making the EF-X2.


  • Direct playback head outputs allowing for external panning for stereo ping pong delays from a mono source
  • Analog BBD Chorus with rate and depth controls
  • Analog Spring Reverb
  • Independent SOS switching for longer delay time (1.2 seconds)
  • Direct WET output at rear for Reverb/Chorus
  • Balanced Input and Output at rear
  • Auto tape stop when no audio signal present to extend tape and motor life (There is a switch at the rear to disable this feature).
  • CV Control for Motor Speed and Feedback level (0-5v) via compatible Expression Pedals
  • Bass and Treble Controls (Echo Signal)
  • Vintage Guitar/Line FET Preamp (Front Panel)
  • High/Low Output level switch (Front Panel Output)
  • Four echo playback heads (including SOS head)
  • Motor ON/OFF Switch for tape slow down effect
  • Mute the reverb, echo and chorus signal via remote foot switches
  • Comes with a worldwide-compatible, 100 - 240v power supply (no step-down or other transformers required)
  • 2 Years Warranty for all pre-sale purchases with peace of mind that this is made by a company that has been operating for nearly 15 years specialising in tape echo repair and spare parts
  • Removable Tinted Acrylic Lid
  • High quality scratch resistant front panel
  • 2 Tape loops supplied with each unit
  • Wood Sides

Head Mode Settings

Mode 1 - Head 1
Mode 2 - Head 2
Mode 3 - Head 3
Mode 4 - Head 1 + 2
Mode 5 - Head 2 + 3
Mode 6 - Head 1 + 3
Mode 7 - Head 1 + 2 + 3

Sound On Sound is another head that can be switched on over the top of all the head mode settings or you can use the SOS head independently.

  • Tape Speed - 4 IPS to 15 IPS


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