Olivella Modular IMÁGENES

Olivella Modular IMÁGENES

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IMÁGENES from Olivella Modular is a stereo state variable filter with lots of character and built-in stereo imaging, panning, distortion and modulation capabilities.
It features highpass, bandpass and lowpass modes that are switchable independently per filter, with left and right OUTs straight from the filters themselves for individual/dual mono operation.

The Stereo Image circuit pans the filter's audio from hard L / R at the knob's CW position, mono at 12 o'clock, inverted R \ L at its CCW position and everywhere in between, allowing a range of subtle stereo effects and crossfading to aggressive AM and weird stereo stuff.
This circuit is comprised of 4 internal VCA's and is completely independent from the filters.

The Link switch slaves the R filter's cutoff frequency to the L one, allowing manual, CV and V/OCT control over them simultaneously.
FREQ L, R and Image are fully CVable at audio rates with attenuverters for all these inputs. IMÁGENES can also self-oscillate cleanly across the audio spectrum featuring dedicated V/OCT inputs and good tracking over 5 octaves, allowing it to be used as a dual/stereo sine VCO or to modulate whatever you want. It also pings very nicely.

Going past 12 o'clock on the Input knob soft-clipping is applied to the input, giving a fatter sound for the filters to chew on. When Drive is engaged the audio input amplitude triples after the soft-clipping stage and right before the filters, bringing weak signals up to modular level or to overdrive and distort the filters.

Video: https://youtu.be/GaQPYvTYq44

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