Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw

Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw

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This module operates on your sound with the precision of a drunk 18th century barber surgeon.
It features individual lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs, CV control over cutoff, FM amount and resonance. A pre-filter drive beefs up your signal, making sure that your output signals sing and shriek during the procedure.

You can use it as an oscillator - crank the resonance all the way for a great self-oscillation and then mess with the FM for weirder waveforms.

To add extra rasp to the bonesaw, you can dial in extremely precise amounts of FM, either from an external source or internally from the bandpass path.

Lasly, using the provided internal cable, the Bonesaw VCF integrates internally with the Vivisect attenuverting mixer module to create a useful 3-band EQ/pole-mixing filter.


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