Klavis Tweakers - Black

Klavis Tweakers - Black

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The Klavis Tweakers is a 3HP slim companion module that allows you to fine tune your modulations. Two channels offer control over gain and offset. A three-position switch allows you to mute the channel and invert the modulation polarity without impacting the offset.
Normalising of the inputs avoids using a multiple when a signal is dispatched to two targets. Normalising of the outputs offers an extra mixer, summing the two channels.
Tweakers is a perfect companion for modules whose modulation inputs lack such amenities. Activating predefined settings at the flick of a switch is is of great importance for live situations and being able to prepare two sets of carefully adjusted settings for a given signal is even more useful. It might also come handy as an audio mixer as well.


  • Two independent channels also useable jointly as a mixer or splitter
  • In each channel:
  • Input and output jack
  • Gain pot with up to 2.1 amplification
  • Bipolar offset pot
  • 3-position switch:
  • Inverted polarity
  • Channel off
  • Normal polarity
  • Offset setting is independent of the polarity switch
  • Normalised input A can distribute the signal in both channels
  • Normalised outputs can mix the two channels on out B

Video: https://youtu.be/QLP19ru5G0I

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