Modbap Modular Trinity Minisystem

Modbap Modular Trinity Minisystem

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The Modbap Trinity is a 3 channel Digital Drum Synth Array packed into a 20HP eurorack synthesiser. Effectively, Trinity performs as 3 powerful drum voices packaged into one beast of a drum module with a few tricks up its sleeve. The Modbap20 Powered Eurorack Case can be your on-ramp to eurorack, a great option for a focused mini system, or a live control surface, or the perfect way to expand a larger system. TheModbap20 is 20HP in width, and 34mm deep with 4ms power bus boards.
The included power brick and your favourite combination of up to 20HP modules are all you need to get started with your new mini system, control pod, performance pod, effects pod, or whatever you so desire. More on Modbap20 Case here.


  • Trinity
  • Power brick
  • Modbap20 powered case
  • USB cable (for use as midi over USB device with DAW or Midi-Host)

Includes Modbap20 Case


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