Soundforce Chorus 6 - Black

Soundforce Chorus 6 - Black

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The SoundForce Chorus 6 stands out as a 16HP Eurorack module, meticulously designed in the Juno style with a BBD chorus and a multitude of CV inputs. Utilising the Xvive MN3009 and mirroring the original audio path, this module adeptly replicates the classic Juno I, II, and I+II chorus modes. Unique to this unit is the ability to switch between four different I+II modes, derived from both the Juno 6 and Juno 60, in either mono or stereo, thus offering a rich array of sonic possibilities. Additionally, its manual and external modes provide an avenue to explore beyond traditional sounds, venturing into unconventional and innovative soundscapes.

The SoundForce Chorus 6 creates its chorus effect by blending a dry signal with a modulated delayed signal, where the delay time is controlled by an LFO, adding dynamic movement to the sound. To achieve stereo width, the modulations for the left and right channels are set 180 degrees out of phase. True to the original Juno series (6/60/106), the module employs MN3009 BBD chips for delay. In keeping with the classic design, filters are placed both before and after the BBD chips, serving to mask any artifacts of these fundamental integrated circuits.

Innovatively, the traditional MN3101 BBD driver chip has been replaced with a modern STM32 micro-controller in the SoundForce Chorus 6, augmented by additional ICs to adapt the voltage levels for the MN3009. This update not only modernises the module but also accurately replicates the Juno-type modulation by utilising the sampled BBD driver signals from a Juno-106. This meticulous approach ensures the preservation of the original sonic character, including its inherent imperfections. The module also features a digital-style interface with tactile switches and LEDs, reminiscent of the classic Juno, and intelligently saves the last used settings for convenience upon restart. A blend of classic sound with modern functionality, making it a desirable addition to any Eurorack setup.

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