4ms Looping Delay

4ms Looping Delay

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The 4MS Looping Delay is a 16HP clocked delay with looping functionality, based on the powerful Dual Looping Delay, but in a simplified version with more direct control and no menu diving.

Using the time knob, you can set the delay/loop time to achieve musical beats (or fractions of beats) which can be synced using an external clock or the internal one with the tap function. Feedback is also available and can go up to 110%, which can be used to create wild noises.

There is also delay feed knob that determines how much of the delay signal is mixed with the original signal, so you have precise control over the blend.

Then, you can also reverse it or put it into infinite hold mode, and there is also a send and return socket for looping in other effects.

Delay times go up to 87 seconds and the module can also handle Karplus-Strong synthesis (try a clocksignal at audio rate) and sound-on-sound.


  • Loop or echo time is synchronised to a clock
  • 87 seconds of delay/loop time maximum in mono mode, 43 seconds in stereo mode
  • 48kHz/24-bit sampling rate, loop recorded at 16-bit (24-bit optional)
  • Low noise and low jitter design
  • Tap tempo button and clock Ping input set the basis for one “beat”
  • Delay/loop time set as a number of musical beats (or fractions of beats) using the Time knob, switch, and CV jack
  • Sample-accurate clock output for perfect synchronisation
  • Loop clock output
  • Time switches change range of Time knob from 1/8th notes up to 32 bars
  • Digital feedback, up to 110%
  • Delay Feed control, independent of dry/wet signal mix
  • Infinite Hold mode disables recording input and fixes regeneration at exactly 100%
  • Reverse mode plays memory contents backwards
  • With an infinite loop locked, knobs or CV can “window” around memory, by shifting the loop
  • Trigger inputs for toggling Infinite Hold and Reverse
  • Send and Return for applying effects to feedback with external modules
  • In stereo mode, Send and Return function as Right Channel Audio Out and In
  • CV jacks to control Time, Level, Feedback and Dry/Wet Mix

Video: https://youtu.be/6CSiYhm-77M

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