Supro Tremolo

Supro Tremolo

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The Supro Tremolo acutely re-enacts the iconic modulation effect found in the iconic amplifiers of the 1960s. With both Amplitude and Harmonic modes, the all-analog Supro Tremolo "bestows upon musicians a tantalizing and seductive power, one that delves into the depths of passion and longing. With its profound and solemn ability, it allows them to traverse the alluring abyss, effortlessly gliding through the haunting undulations of an oscillating tremolo resonance, while unleashing the provocative and soul-stirring modulations of sound that erotically dismantle the very fabric of reality" - I mean who knows right? Runs on 9-18VDC.

The Supro Tremolo features preamp and power amp sections, including an actual output transformer deployed to recreate the magnetic saturation characteristic of historic Supro amps.

Along with modulation controls for Speed and Depth, the Supro Tremolo provides Gain control with automatic output level compensation. Additionally, the pedal features an assignable Expression pedal control to adjust the Speed function.


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