Warwick Rockboard RockBoard CINQUE 5.3 MAX with Flight Case

Warwick Rockboard RockBoard CINQUE 5.3 MAX with Flight Case

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The RockBoard RBO B 5.3 CINQUE B pedalboard offers space for approx. 15 to 25 pedals (depending on the size of the pedals) and comes with a perfectly matched flight case. A warp-resistant aluminum profile frame, robust ball corners, sturdy latches, and a removable, padded lid offer all the requirements for safe and comfortable transport on the road.

The RockBoard pedalboard series has been designed to create a pedalboard that is lightweight, warp resistant, and robust, and above all, allows the use of a wide range of pedals, as well as power supplies and their mounting solutions. Its unique and ingenious design is based on only a single cold-rolled sheet of aluminum without a single weld. As a result, it offers a flat surface that can be fully utilised. U-shaped vertical braces give the board extra stability without making it noticeably heavier, making the board completely torsion-resistant and preventing bending even under maximum load. The innovative slot design works with common mounting solutions or, perfectly, with our RockBoard QuickMount system. In addition, the slots make it easy to route cables under the board surface for a clean setup.

Almost all common power supplies can be mounted either under the board surface directly or by using our optionally available RockBoard The Tray or BasePlates.

All RockBoard models (except the DUO series) are compatible with our RockBoard All-In-One PatchBays, which are a useful addition to any RockBoard.

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