ALM Busy Circuits AXON-2 CV Expander & Controller

ALM Busy Circuits AXON-2 CV Expander & Controller

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The AXON-2 is an 8HP expander module compatible with the SQUID SALMPLE, MFX and Pamela's PRO Workout. Intended to complement (not replace!) the Axon-1, it provides 4 additional CV inputs, manual offset controls, and 2 'performance' buttons which perform various actions depending on which module it is connected to. It increases the total number of CV inputs by 4, allowing for greater modular manipulation. Each CV input has an offset for hands-on control and digital attenuation and offset is available for fine tuning modulation. The large buttons are useful for live performances or quick navigation shortcuts.

NOTE: AXON-2 support requires the latest firmware be installed for Pam Pro (120 or newer), Squid (187 or newer) and MFX (105 or newer)."'


  • 4 Additional freely assignable CV inputs for the SQUID SALMPLE, MFX or Pamela’s PRO Workout
  • Manual offset knob controls
  • Two Assignable performance buttons for mutes, tap tempo, navigation, etc (dependant on module)
  • Powered directly from the module, no additional power header required
  • Skiff friendly
  • Made in England


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