Befaco 1U STMix DIY Eurorack Mixer Module

Befaco 1U STMix DIY Eurorack Mixer Module

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The Befaco 1U STMix is everything you love about the STMix module but in Intellijel 1U format. Perfect for summing multiple stereo channels, synth voices and effects in your 1U compatible modular case. Featuring 4 AC coupled stereo channels, clip LEDs and an expander header for integration into a larger Hexmix system.

This is the DIY version, which comes with all the parts to build your own module, just add solder and a little bit of your time.

  • Current needs: +12V: 30mA, -12V: 30mA
  • Width: 28 HP
  • Depth: 20mm (including power connector)
  • Aluminiun, heat-treated front panel


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