Cosmotronic Vortex

Cosmotronic Vortex

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The Cosmotronic Vortex is a fully analog complex oscillator capable of through-zero FM, with a large array of interesting sound design options.
Both oscillators track with amazing precision and there is no difference between the carrier and modulator as seen on some complex oscillators. Each features a 2-pole low pass filter to tame any unwanted harshness and the FM bus modulates the index of each individual voice.

VCO 1 starts with a Shape slider that morphs between the Tri and Saw with individual outputs for each. The signal then goes through a sinusoidal wavefolder whose response changes based on the waveform using a modified version of a Barrie Gilbert designed circuit—popularised by Open-Music-Labs and used with their permission, allowing for thru-zero phase modulation which can be controlled with an additional slider. The source is automatically normalised to VCO 2, but external modulation sources can also be patched in.

VCO 2, similar to VCO 1, starts with a waveshaper but it morphs from Sine to Tri to Saw. The signal then goes into a thru-zero amplitude modulation, or Ring Mod, section which has its own output that is pre-wavefold/filter. It then goes through its own unique wavefolder that is more aggressive when compared to the VCO 1 wavefolder.

With CV controls over all parameters, patch points for days, and superb pitch tracking when you need it, the Vortex can sculpt your perfect sound with ease.


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