Fender Cobalt Chrome Telecaster Set

Fender Cobalt Chrome Telecaster Set

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The Fender Cobalt Chrome utilises the perfect magnetic combination to unlock your Telecasters full tonal potential.
The Cobalt Chrome Telecaster pickups use our own proprietary blend of a FeCrCo magnet that bring an added snap to your Telecaster.
The chrome-ringed cover acts as a shield to help eliminate 60-cycle hum, making these pickups a remarkably true and quiet single-coil option while still offering the twang that a Telecaster is famous for.


  • Proprietary Cobalt Chrome magnets for clear hi-fi tone
  • Adjustable pole pieces for custom balanced output
  • Polysol magnet wire for clear top end
  • Chrome-ringed covers with vintage white inserts
  • Wax-potted
  • Installation hardware included

Video: https://youtu.be/Y_NnLlQj2VY

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