Rare misprint - Caroline Haymaker Dynamic Drive V1

Rare misprint - Caroline Haymaker Dynamic Drive V1

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The Caroline Haymaker is a TS-style overdrive that is merely TS-sounding. Built upon a secret preamp designed in Caroline Labs based on their Kilobyte Lo-Fi delay, the Haymaker is a transparent-ish sounding boost that has enough gain & midrange to rock any house down.

Controls for Volume, Gain, Tone and Mid Shift with clipping switch. Also a secret (shhh no one knows about this...) wet/dry trim pot on the inside which is super super super cool if you're into experimenting!

Includes original box. Velcro on base. Misprint batch where the colour ended up white/mildly lime instead of yellow/gold. Less than 30 or so in the wild!

Video: https://youtu.be/RWW0vwpyVg4

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