Expert Sleepers Amelia

Expert Sleepers Amelia

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The Expert Sleepers Amelia is an 8HP envelope/function generator with an unusual ADBR (attack/decay/break/release) configuration.

It features CV control of all envelope times and of the break level and the envelope can be set to auto-trigger, turning it into a complex voltage-controlled LFO.

The shape of the attack and decay/release sections can be independently and continuously adjusted from exponential, through linear, to logarithmic.

Amelia was developed for use with sequencers in mind, where you often only have a trigger output, not a gate of adjustable length. It allows you to create complex, flexible and modulate-able envelope shapes from that simple trigger signal.

The module is constructed entirely from analogue parts and discrete logic. There is no microcontroller or digital-to-analogue conversion involved (and so no quantisation of voltage levels or of response time).


  • 8HP
  • Depth: 42mm


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