'93 BOSS SD-2 Dual Overdrive - Silver Label 💛

'93 BOSS SD-2 Dual Overdrive - Silver Label 💛

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SUPER RARE Vintage BOSS SD-2. Featuring a dual drive design with lead and crunch channels, separate overdrive circuits and clipping diodes for each channel and a red/green LED display for easy indication of which channel's on, the Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive brings two overdrives to the table for the price of one. Immensely useful for setting a creamy overdrive on one channel and searing distortion on the other, this pedal can be a noise or garage guitarist's best friend.

With massive filtering on the Tone section this can go from gnarly sizzle to really warm - and it sounds MASSIVE on Bass, letting all the low end frequency's through.

Killer as a preamp. Killer as a drive, killer as a distortion. The best BOSS Overdrive ever!

Video: https://youtu.be/jdSr6kvuhos

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