Ritual Electronics Amnis

Ritual Electronics Amnis

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The Ritual Electronics Amnis is an innovative shift register with a range of functions, including a generative sequencer for gates and CV, a tunable digital noise source, a random gate and CV generator, and a central component in a chaotic system.
To begin, it requires two input signals: a Clock and Data, which can be any type of signals. These inputs are comparator-based and generate 8 gate outputs, timed with the Clock, and 3 staircase CVs and a slewed CV.
Featuring 8 gates and 4 CV outputs, Amnis can serve as the backbone of your patch. Additionally, it features an XOR input for linear feedback, which is the core of the Rungler and similar chaotic systems found in the Benjolin and Blippoo Box.
By integrating with any oscillators you have, Amnis can recreate these behaviours.
Additionally, its fully patchable design and compatibility with Turing Machine expanders via its expansion port make it even more versatile.


  • Generative Shift Register
  • 12 outputs: 8 gate outputs, and 4 CV outputs
  • Comparator-based inputs
  • XOR input for linear feedback
  • Compatible with Turing Machine expanders

Video: https://youtu.be/Sdb4WtgcXoY

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