Electro Harmonix Slap Back Echo

Electro Harmonix Slap Back Echo

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A reissue of a long forgotten classic - the EHX Slap Back is a two-knobber approximation of the original single-knobber favoured by JHS head-honcho / evil pedal-wizard Josh Scott. Mike Matthew's listened to Josh beg for a reproduction model and answered all his prayers with this tiny, tiny pedal-board friendly sized delay.

Features Gain and Blend knobs as well as a Time switch. The Gain knob controls the input signal before the echo circuit and adjusts the overall volume at the output with a boost of up to +20dB. The Blend knob mixes the dry / echo signal from 100% dry to 100% echo. The Time switch selects between three different delay times: 45ms, 65ms, and 100ms.

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