Knobula Chord Pilot Midi Chord Generator

Knobula Chord Pilot Midi Chord Generator

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Step into a world of musical whimsy and oddity with Chord Pilot! Forget the boring old rules of music theory, and let this compact 12hp module take you on a journey of discovery through alternative musical pathways. With 192 chord memories, a strummer, an arpeggiator and an 8 step chord progression sequencer, you'll be able to create extraordinary chords without even touching a keyboard.

Chord Pilot's unique controls let you play with the width and spread of 'fingers' over a virtual keyboard, shaping your chords into a wild array of musical moods - from the pure and harmonious to the terrifying and cacophonic. And with the ability to store and transfer chords in sets of eight, it's the perfect companion for your Poly Cinematic, or any other poly synth with a midi input.

So why settle for the same old chords? With Chord Pilot as your guide, navigator, and explorer, you'll be able to lose yourself in the moment and generate impossibly hard-to-play super chords. Take the leap and discover a whole new universe of musical harmony and beyond with Chord Pilot!


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