Unknown Devices Raiju (雷獣) - Black

Unknown Devices Raiju (雷獣) - Black

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The Raiju (雷獣) is an 8HP Percussive voice "hidden" inside a combo Vactrol LPG + envelope module.

ADSR Envelope generator
Digital envelope generator with cv control over each stage, three selectable, configurable, ranges, End-Of-Stage output (you can toggle between All stages, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) and a shape control pot, going from linear to exponential.

Analog LPG The lpg can be controlled by the internal envelope or an external trig/cv, it's input is normalled to the oscillator, simply plug an external audio source to override it. It uses a vtl5c3/2 vactrol from XVive.

Percussive Oscillator The internal digital oscillator has been developed and fine tuned for percussive sounds, with it's macro-controlled FM Oscillator (noise or sine mod osc with configurable ratio), bandpassed triangle core, a 5-stage, buchla-style waveshaper and pitch envelope. When Raiju is used as a voice you can route the CV inputs to selected envelope or oscillator parameters.


  • ADSR Envelope generator:
  • Range selector (up to 100s per stage)
  • Shape control
  • Configurable EOS output
  • Complex Triangle core digital oscillator:
  • Rich sound palette, from mellow sounds to harsh noises
  • 5-stages wavefolder with gain and offset control macro
  • Pitch decay envelope
  • Integrated Web configurator:
  • Personalise the module behaviour to fit your playing style
  • Load, save and backup presets
  • Update the firmware without the need of a computer.

Video: https://youtu.be/feUQIpI2XQM

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