Walrus Audio Melee: Wall of Noise

Walrus Audio Melee: Wall of Noise

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The Walrus Audio Melee combines distortion + reverb together for a totally obliterating sonic assault. Featuring three modes for reverb (that can be placed before or after the distortion) which are:

  • Ambient Reverb (Pink LED): Billowing reverb with massive trails that totally rules for soaring solos or churchy chord progressions.
  • Octave Down Reverb (Yellow LED): Operating in a similar way the Dark mode of Walrus Slö does, you’ll hear an spooky lower octave somewhere below the trails for a otherworldly atmosphere.
  • Reverse Reverb with Feedback (Blue LED): A reversed trail makes it back to your signal for you to create gentle melodies or push into reverse feedback overload. Big, slow, and shoegazey strumming for days.

Controls for reverb decay, volume for distortion volume & tone, effect order and the joystick control which goes UP for more grit (gain) and RIGHT for mix (reverb). LEFT SWITCH for bypass. RIGHT SWITCH for infinite sustain. BOTH SWITCHES for changing the reverb mode.

A total bundle of joy!

Video: https://youtu.be/yXy1s7r4YCg

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